Optimize Your Images

Whether you created your own website or worked with a website designer to develop your gorgeous online property, if it loads slow it’s a bummer for you and your clients.   Nobody has time for a slow website and it’s completely negates all the time spent on your website design efforts.  I get that you may not have realized this is an issue you need to be concerned about, that’s why I’m creating a series of blog posts to give you tips for keeping website load time quick.  There are various reasons why your website would load slowly and some of the issues are more complex than others.  Let’s go over some of the easy ways you can positively impact your website load time.  These include optimizing your images, freshening up your plugins, and ensuring you have the right hosting package for your website needs.

In this post I’m going to discuss some simple steps you can take to ensure the images you’ve uploaded to your website are not slowing it down because if your images are oversized it negatively impacts your loading speed.  For instance if your website width is 1100px and you have a header image that is 2000px then your website has to take unnecessary extra time to process this image.  As you can imagine, If you have several extra large images on your website this can slow your web page load time way down.  

One solution is to use the Analyzer tool on Tinypng.com.  Simply enter your webpage URL and their analyzer too will check your website performance and report how many images are too large on your website.  With the information you receive from website scan you can choose to use their service to optimize your images or there are website plugins that can be used as well.

SMUSHER is a popular WordPress plugin that can easily be used to optimize the images you’ve already uploaded as well as the ones you will add to your website while also preserving image quality.  With this free plugin you can smush up to 50 images already loaded on your site with one click, automatically optimize images as they are uploading and find images that are slowing down your site.  I use this plug in on my websites to ensure that website images are not slowing down web page load time.

I hope this tech tip helps you understand more about how to optimize images for you website.  Feel free to pin this image to reference the info on Pinterest at any time.

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